CRÉATION 2016-2017

A prehistory team is studying on an excavation area. Disagreements erupt in the interpretation of the discovered remains. The situation suddenly rocking 40,000 years ago, at a time when the last Neanderthals encounter strange migrants with black skin: Homo Sapiens, our ancestors. Round trips between the two periods for the public to understand the difficulty of scientific research.


Writing the script, conducted with European research partners, joined the theatrical dimension of a highly visual play. choreographic approach, puppetry, music, make this project a show that caters as much to our sense that our reason, for the pleasure of spectators of all ages. Moreover, its technical flexibility allows it to adapt to all types of venues: theaters, museums, school groups, school yard, garden … A discussion with the audience will extend the show.


Where am I from? Who am I ? Where am I going ? Understanding where we come to better understand who we are. At a time when the issues of migration and national identities arise with force, it is necessary to reaffirm the unity of the human species. If Neanderthal disappeared in mysterious circumstances there 40,000 years, however, it leaves us between 2-4% of our genetic heritage by individual. This means that 20 to 40% of its overall genetic makeup are distributed among all humans. Homo Sapiens we are today comes from the romantic encounter between Neanderthals and early sapiens. This is the central subject of this project.

Technical data sheet