This show is available in three versions

  • fixed for the room or outdoor
  • walk-show for parks and gardens
  • urban parade

Static version

A man walks in the door of job center. He seeks a sailor job. On his resume face four more extraordinary journeys as each other, during which he met giants, Lilliputian, flying creatures and talented horses speech. Use the objects around it, soon joined by anywhere outputs creatures, the man claiming to be called Gulliver, takes pleasure in telling us these distant lands to tell us about our world.

Parks and garden version

We are in 1925. The Gulliver et Co agency proposes to the public a surrealist experience: leave on the tracks of Gulliver, to explore the parts of the country which he visited. Thanks to the objects of the everyday life which they divert, characters and public skip into these parallel worlds, where live tiny or huge beings, horses endowed with word, about which speak the legends of the whole world …

Parade version

A New Orleans trio leads the way, pulling the public in its suite, in the tempo of the notes of the saxophone, the trombone and the banjo. A big bright horse follows them, dancing in rhythm with an explosives expert who pâtine of diverse effects the atmosphere of the procession. Follows a trolley which voices the musicians, while spreading sound effects and other sound effects. A giant and his daughter bring up the rear, below a sky of stars, held at arm’s length by collusive inhabitants…


To take the public in these strange journeys, we appeal to multidisciplinary artists, capable of playing the comedy, of dashing into acrobatics and of giving life to puppets. The characters were inspired the paintings of Magritte, open unsuspected doors towards others world. They make it the discovery of creatures-puppets, made by lianas, by fibers and by barks, and endowed with intelligence. Thanks to the inventiveness of the surrealists, our modern world meets Primitive arts, between humor and poetry, on the background of music afrojazz.


Jonathan Swift’s work keeps seducing the children as the adults, by the universal dimension of the tales and the legends on which it leans. Raised to the rank of surrealist by Breton André, Swift invents worlds mirrors, populated with surprising beings, which look like us strangely. We invite the public to share these magical meeting, so that humanity rhymes with tolerance, and difference with delight.

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