Creation 2014-2015

The public shares a glass, to celebrate the anniversary of the company. What nobody imagines, it is that during the party, the war is going to burst, plunging actors and spectators into the moved universe of the war … Spectators and characters build together a barricade and the wait begins. A wait of several months. Here, a refugee camp, on the other side, beyond the barricade: the enemy, the Other one. When suddenly, a feminine silhouette raises itself …


The realistic situation disorientates brutally the public, by plunging him into the nonsense of an armed conflict. By successive gaps, the situation falls over towards other dimensions, absurd, poetic. The sound universe, mixture of whispered voices, sounds of the everyday life, the shouts, the crash, becomes the music of the war. The environment loses little by little its colors, to take the universal dimension of the photography black and white. ” Pay your shot! ” Tell the birth of the vocation of a war reporter. A modern Antigone, which would have met Christine Spengler.


There is only a way of feeling the war: by living it. The scenario and the interactive dimension of the scenography, allow to involve physically the public in the heart of the situations. The state of consternation, bound to the hoax of the beginning, lasts only one time. The poetry which develops gradually tells the dizziness of the war, between horror and fascination. The urban frame of the representations is carefully chosen, in a way that the environment is used as decoration to the show. In this way, the public is not a spectator of a situation which takes place in front of him, but character of a device within which he plays an active role, in interaction with the comedians of the show. A single urgency emerges little by little: show testify, so that everybody knows, to prevent that begins again. A show to understand from the inside the work of war reporters.

Technical data sheet