photos © Aurélie Giordano 1 | Alain Fargette 2 & 3

Usherettes for an outdoor cinema, they propose sessions where the sound goes out of a mobile surrounding speaker, and the image… of the imagination of the spectators!


Characters with at taste of former days, these Usherettes have for soul the kaléïdoscopique assembly of the movies which we have all saw, loved or hated, from Night of the Living Dead to the 39 Steps, via the Hotel of the North. They propose to listen to short audio extracts to the public, while assuring the service: candies, chocolates, either handkerchiefs during the melodramas. Wink of eye to the 7th art and in his hostesses, the show holds “sueded” movies, in Michel Gondry’s way, except that here, it is not the actors who recreate the movie, but the imagination of the public.


Here, every angle of vision proposed by the Usherettes is a door opened on the imagination. The look they propose on the urban environment, allows the spectators to play with their imagination. This background of greenery becomes the decoration of a Robin Hood, among whom only the dialogues and the music are listened, whereas the public reinvents the scene. Also this long right street where are listened engines which evoke Mad Max, where this edge of this quay where Gabin whispers in Michèle Morgan’s ear … The stake is to share with the public one of the fundamental of the street theater: look at the world otherwise to dream about him better.

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