Last performance of the wild child in the Oise.

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After 8 performances in day in lavish gardens, there's only one opportunity to discover the wild child!

As part of the event "Let you tell the parks and gardens of the Oise" organised by the County Council of the Oise, tomorrow, June 30, the wild child will be at the Abbey of Chaalis (60300) for an exceptional night representation at 21:00.

The story of the encounter between a forest and a wild child, Myotis. She lives the day and sleeps at night. The little girl seems cut off from the world but she has a gift, to give life to her dreams… For more than an hour, artists will lead large and small in the corridors of these parks and gardens, to unravel the secrets of the most mysterious corners".

Based on an exceptional site, you will have the opportunity to discover the show in the glow of the sunset. The best way to dive into the dreams of Myotis!

Full article of the New York Times:
Inspired by Serge Aroles on the wild children's research ("the Enigma of Wolf-children: A biological certainty but a denial of the archives", Publibook – 2007), this show is co-produced by the Ministry of ecology, the National Office of forests, the CNRS, the French National Museum of natural history and the Department of Oise.

More information on the site of the County Council by clicking here

"CAIRN", it's coming soon!

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Rehearsals resume among anthropologists.

We are preparing for the performances of the CAIRN, a prehistoric adventure show which will take place:

  • On Saturday, April 22, as part of the Festival Mason Street (Montreuil 93)
  • On Saturday, may 27, as part of the Festival VOX (Montreuil 93)
  • Sunday, June 25, at the Biennale in Mettman (Germany)
  • Find the puppets of the show, during the European Parades: Thursday, July 6 at the Ulica Festival in Krakow (Theatr KTO – Poland), Sunday, July 15 to Carvin (59) and Sunday, July 23 at Velbert (Germany).


We hope to see you soon on one of these performances!

See you soon!


All our best wishes

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For this new year, Les Anthropologues wish you great upcoming projects and that lot of dreams come true !


On our side, this year 2017 will be punctuated by highlights, that we can't wait to shar with you…

  • "Superhero of my neighborhood": a photography project staging, in neighborhoods of La Noue in Montreuil and Les Coutures at Bagnolet.
  • "The baroque illusion": a colourful show in the Oise, for the night of the museums
  • "CAIRN, prehistoric project": our new creation will be played at Mettmann, in Germany, as well as the festival VOX in Montreuil
  • "European parade": the team of anthropologists joins the city of Mettmann in Germany, to the Theatre KTO in Cracow in Poland, and the eclectic festival in Carvin in France, to create a large Parade on the theme of the Odyssey.


Hope to see you soon at the Theatre de la Noue, or see you at one of the upcoming events!

At the dawn of the year 2017…

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Anthropologists have been delighted to welcome you in their parade of lights on the feast of the winter of Montreuil.

the aurochs final
Photo: Party of the 2016 winter, area of the Valley, Montreuil – Copyright John Giordano


In this new year, our next CAIRN, prehistoric project creation will come, the team will also participate in a European parade in cooperation with the Poland and the Germany, déambulera at the festival "The eclectic" in Carvin, and many other projects yet to come!
We so look forward to the year 2017 for new adventures in the theater of the Valley and everywhere else!

Centenary of the Port of Bonneuil

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The time was the part for these heritage days: a few breakthroughs of sun in the grey of the sky to illuminate our Guards, Usherettes and other Pirates ! A final mixing street theater, video, music and games of lights, spectacularly ended that day: a journey through time, from 1910 to the present day, to trace the history of this port, which has always been able to meet economic activity and entertainment.

Anthropologists are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Port of Bocas

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Saturday, September 17, 2016, anthropologists invite you to come and share with them a time of celebration to celebrate the centenary of the port of Bonneuil. During the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to discover or revisit several of our shows: the guardians, the ushers, Pirates. A surprise party combining live performance, music, light and video, will close this day.

Come share with us a meal, a game, a laugh, an anecdote, a show, as in family, couples, friends…

Practical information:
WHAT: fun, free, and open to all events
WHO: for all, without exception
WHERE: Pier of Rancy 94380 Bocas