VOX – Nadezhda Tolokonnikova

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stubborn VOX 2016

When: Friday, may 27 at 6:30 pm
Where: Librairie Folies d’Encre
Duration: 1 h
Bilingual reading of excerpts from desire of Revolution of Nadejda Tolokonnikova (Editions Flammarion – 2016). with Paul Lequesne, translator and the Fabulos Lectors of Montreuil

“The Riot sex story told from inside, the creation of the group in 2011 to the imprisonment of its members through their actions since their release. “The story of their fight against male domination and the reactionary character of the State under Putin is the opportunity of a portrait without concession of the company Russian contemporary.” © Electra 2016


VOX – Let’s talk cash!

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Parlons_cash_6stubborn VOX 2016

When: Friday 27 may at 18:00
Where: Plaza of the Conservatory
Duration: 45 min
Be well co. presents a site for his show let’s talk Cash out! with Christophe Vignal, comedian-puppeteer and Director

Straddling Maurice’s shoulders, massive working-class facetious, Triple A came down from his tax haven for we reach out. Guided to the ground by Nicolas Froissard, a misanthropic technocrat, he walked our streets and offbeat and benevolent eye on our daily lives. Mixing burlesque sketches, improvisations staggered, original illusions; Let’s talk about Cash! talks about money and denounce, rather than proceed to the absurd values and the clichés of the Cardinals of the finance.

“No excerpts from books in this show. Triggers, inspirational… “Economic horror” Viviane Forrester (Fayard – 1996), “No. Logo” by Naomi Klein (acts South 2002), “The anarchist banker” Fernando Pessoa (Christian Bourgois – 2007). And a few years of news-addiction inherited from my training as a journalist…“© Christophe Vignal


VOX – Ralph Nataf

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stubborn VOX 2016

When: Wednesday, may 25 at 6:30 pm
Where: Library follies of ink
Duration: 1 h
Tales from the four corners of the world. with Ralph Nataf, storyteller

This Wednesday, may 25, Festival VOX opened the festivities 2016 with Ralph Nataf and his tales to madness. Because the reading begins where ends orality, VOX starts with an evening around the tale. Ralph Nataf regaled our imaginary stories picked all around the world, for the greater pleasure of the ears of adults and children who shared this evening.


Gulliver sails!

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For the first time, a few images of the Gulliver's travels for the room, the premiere at the Theatre Berthelot, as part of the Festival short to the Theatre. A taste of the upcoming series at the Theatre of La Noue in Montreuil (93). A young public, puppets and show extraordinary creatures. From 6 years old.

Lou embarked with anthropologists

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Anthropo_mini"In this new year 2016, I'm delighted to join the team of anthropologists, but especially eager to meet you around a show!"
Lou, responsible of dissemination

Who is?
Passionate about "the show live" since an early age, having docked in various conservatories of theatre and dance, as well as to the National Circus School of Châtellerault, she set sail for the arts in public space during his career studying 'Cultural projects in public space' aboard the Sorbonne, with for boatswain Pascal Brun-tailpiece. She loves the spray of the arts of music and street festivals, although, once ashore, she likes to feel the warmth of a theater hall, the hubbub of a queue at the ticket office of an event, and the excitement of the reunion around a table… to better hit the road of the sea!

Where and when to get to meet her?
It is present every day (except appointments) from 9: 00 to 17: 00, on Board of the theater of the Valley, in Montreuil, the basis of anthropologists, and will land on the upcoming event where she invites you:

  • APRIL 9, 2016 – MASON STREET – neighborhood of the Valley, 93100 Montreuil


07 77 49 69 83

Gulliver by night

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It was Friday, July 10 at Valgenceuse Castle, in Senlis. A magical moment that has captivated nearly 450 spectators…

A magic show in extraordinary places…

Posted by Oise Department on Monday, June 1, 2015

Alice into the streets

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First international representation of our "Alice in the streets", in a crazy franco-anglo-germano-Italian version. Not far from 500 people in the streets of the old town of Mettmann, on the occasion of the closing of the Neandertale Biennale, international festival of street theatre. A warm welcome, an enthusiastic audience despite the difficulties inherent in the barrier of language, laudatory articles (article 1, article 2). When start?