All our best wishes

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For this new year, Les Anthropologues wish you great upcoming projects and that lot of dreams come true !


On our side, this year 2017 will be punctuated by highlights, that we can't wait to shar with you…

  • "Superhero of my neighborhood": a photography project staging, in neighborhoods of La Noue in Montreuil and Les Coutures at Bagnolet.
  • "The baroque illusion": a colourful show in the Oise, for the night of the museums
  • "CAIRN, prehistoric project": our new creation will be played at Mettmann, in Germany, as well as the festival VOX in Montreuil
  • "European parade": the team of anthropologists joins the city of Mettmann in Germany, to the Theatre KTO in Cracow in Poland, and the eclectic festival in Carvin in France, to create a large Parade on the theme of the Odyssey.


Hope to see you soon at the Theatre de la Noue, or see you at one of the upcoming events!

At the dawn of the year 2017…

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Anthropologists have been delighted to welcome you in their parade of lights on the feast of the winter of Montreuil.

the aurochs final
Photo: Party of the 2016 winter, area of the Valley, Montreuil – Copyright John Giordano


In this new year, our next CAIRN, prehistoric project creation will come, the team will also participate in a European parade in cooperation with the Poland and the Germany, déambulera at the festival "The eclectic" in Carvin, and many other projects yet to come!
We so look forward to the year 2017 for new adventures in the theater of the Valley and everywhere else!

Art is a weapon of mass construction

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It is strange to see that barbarism is tackling cartoonists. Even if the gesture is unbearable, she attacks the press sees itself: journalists have mission to report facts and analyse, with consequence naked through updated, some inefficiencies, horrors. This is the first place to which fascism attack. The level of freedom of the press is the corollary of the level of democracy of a country.

But that barbarism gets satirical cartoonists, it has constantly to ask us. As if the drawing more deeply touched the unconscious as political speech, in a sense committed to journalism and citizen. As if the art was the most dangerous of all the words policies.