"CAIRN", it's coming soon!

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Rehearsals resume among anthropologists.

We are preparing for the performances of the CAIRN, a prehistoric adventure show which will take place:

  • On Saturday, April 22, as part of the Festival Mason Street (Montreuil 93)
  • On Saturday, may 27, as part of the Festival VOX (Montreuil 93)
  • Sunday, June 25, at the Biennale in Mettman (Germany)
  • Find the puppets of the show, during the European Parades: Thursday, July 6 at the Ulica Festival in Krakow (Theatr KTO – Poland), Sunday, July 15 to Carvin (59) and Sunday, July 23 at Velbert (Germany).


We hope to see you soon on one of these performances!

See you soon!


Centenary of the Port of Bonneuil

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The time was the part for these heritage days: a few breakthroughs of sun in the grey of the sky to illuminate our Guards, Usherettes and other Pirates ! A final mixing street theater, video, music and games of lights, spectacularly ended that day: a journey through time, from 1910 to the present day, to trace the history of this port, which has always been able to meet economic activity and entertainment.

Anthropologists are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Port of Bocas

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Saturday, September 17, 2016, anthropologists invite you to come and share with them a time of celebration to celebrate the centenary of the port of Bonneuil. During the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to discover or revisit several of our shows: the guardians, the ushers, Pirates. A surprise party combining live performance, music, light and video, will close this day.

Come share with us a meal, a game, a laugh, an anecdote, a show, as in family, couples, friends…

Practical information:
WHAT: fun, free, and open to all events
WHO: for all, without exception
WHERE: Pier of Rancy 94380 Bocas

Lou embarked with anthropologists

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Anthropo_mini"In this new year 2016, I'm delighted to join the team of anthropologists, but especially eager to meet you around a show!"
Lou, responsible of dissemination

Who is?
Passionate about "the show live" since an early age, having docked in various conservatories of theatre and dance, as well as to the National Circus School of Châtellerault, she set sail for the arts in public space during his career studying 'Cultural projects in public space' aboard the Sorbonne, with for boatswain Pascal Brun-tailpiece. She loves the spray of the arts of music and street festivals, although, once ashore, she likes to feel the warmth of a theater hall, the hubbub of a queue at the ticket office of an event, and the excitement of the reunion around a table… to better hit the road of the sea!

Where and when to get to meet her?
It is present every day (except appointments) from 9: 00 to 17: 00, on Board of the theater of the Valley, in Montreuil, the basis of anthropologists, and will land on the upcoming event where she invites you:

  • APRIL 9, 2016 – MASON STREET – neighborhood of the Valley, 93100 Montreuil


07 77 49 69 83

Gulliver by night

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It was Friday, July 10 at Valgenceuse Castle, in Senlis. A magical moment that has captivated nearly 450 spectators…

A magic show in extraordinary places…

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