We create shows for all the public

Open mind

The constraint is synonymic of creativity.


A show is an experience of the senses, the heart and the spirit.


Les Anthropologues have used to work for and with various partners, institutional or private, in different types of frames: programming, specific orders, calls for projects, procurement…

We are accustomed to exchanging and working in parallel on the same project, with several institutional or associative partners: ministries, regions, departments, municipalities, scientific research laboratories, classified sites, museums…

Since 2008, our company has initiated several creations in connection with researchers – National Museum of natural history (MNHN), and National Centre for scientific research (CNRS), including – focusing on staging of educational and fun of the shows based on the latest scientific studies, destined for all audiences. These creations are accompanied by cultural activities in various forms, in addition to the performances.

Here are some of the partners that have accompanied us in recent years