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"CAIRN", it's coming soon!

Par 20 mars 2017avril 11th, 2017Pas de commentaire

Rehearsals resume among anthropologists.

We are preparing for the performances of the CAIRN, a prehistoric adventure show which will take place:

  • On Saturday, April 22, as part of the Festival Mason Street (Montreuil 93)
  • On Saturday, may 27, as part of the Festival VOX (Montreuil 93)
  • Sunday, June 25, at the Biennale in Mettman (Germany)
  • Find the puppets of the show, during the European Parades: Thursday, July 6 at the Ulica Festival in Krakow (Theatr KTO – Poland), Sunday, July 15 to Carvin (59) and Sunday, July 23 at Velbert (Germany).


We hope to see you soon on one of these performances!

See you soon!